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CCNA And CCENT Practice Exam Questions -- 10 Questions On The OSI And TCP/IP Models

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1. At what layer(s) of the OSI model do authentication and encryption run?

Authentication runs at L7, the Application layer. Encryption runs at L6, the Presentation layer.

2. Identify the OSI model layer at which each of the following devices run.

A. Router -- layer 3 (Network Layer)

B. Switch -- layer 2 (Data Link Layer)

C. Firewall -- layer 7 (Application Layer)

D. Crossover Cable -- layer 1 (Physical Layer)

E. Rollover Cable -- layer 1 (Physical Layer)


3. Which layer of the OSI model concerns itself with proper data formatting?

 Layer 6 (Presentation Layer)

4. Which of the following protocols runs at the uppermost layer of the OSI model?


B. Telnet





5. Which of the following does NOT describe the Transport layer of the OSI model?

A. TCP and UDP run here.

B. Data is sent in segments, not packets.

C. Data is sent in packets, not segments.

D. Offers connection-oriented and connectionless data transport services.

E. Routing takes place at this layer.

F. The Sequenced Packet Exchange protocol runs here.

6. Give two other common names for a Layer 2 address.

 physical address, MAC address, hardware address, and burned-in addresses (BIAs)

7. What is the basic purpose of the FCS, and at which OSI layer will we find it?

 Frame Check Sequence (FCS) is used for error detection at OSI layer 2 (Data Link layer)

8. Which layers of the OSI model map to the TCP/IP model's Application layer?

 Layer 7 (Application Layer), layer 6 (Presentation Layer), layer 5 (Session Layer)

9. Which of the following describe TCP?

A. Connection-oriented

B. Connectionless

C. Best-effort delivery

D. Allows for error detection

E. Allows "windowing"


10. Which of the following describes UDP?

A. Connectionless

B. Connection-oriented

C. Runs at the Network layer of the OSI model

D. Runs at the Transport layer of the TCP/IP model

E. Best-effort delivery

F. Delivers packets

G. Delivers segments

H. Delivers frames

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