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Ethernet LAN Segments

A Ethernet LAN segment is a network connection made by a single unbroken network cable. The network cable have a length limit, because the signal will tenuate as they travel down the cable and finally be corrupted by the line noise.

The following table compares many Ethernet cable specifications for the speed and the maximum segment length.

Ethernet specificationspeedcableMaximum length
10BASE-T10 MbpsTwisted-pair100m
10BASE-FL10 MbpsFiber-optic2000m
100BASE-TX100 MbpsTwisted-pair100m
100BASE-FX100 MbpsFiber-optic400m
1000BASE-T1000 MbpsTwisted-pair100m
1000BASE-LX1000 MbpsFiber-optic550m for multimode fiber or  10km for single-mode fiber
1000BASE-CX1000 Mbpscopper25m

When we need an Ethernet LAN longer than a single cable's maximum length, devices such as repeater, hub, switch and routers are needed to extend LAN segments. Notice that all computers attached to a given Ethernet segment compete for the same amout of bandwidth provided by the network media.

ICND1 and ICND2 break down

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