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CCNA Lab Video Tutorial 3 – Cisco Router Basic Commands

In CCNA Lab Video Tutorial 2, We have learned how to setup and trouble-shoot a cisco virtue lab with Packet Tracer 5.0. We also learned how to build a basic home LAN with a hub or switch, we even went a step future by inter-connecting two home LANs with a router. Now it's time to connect routers and configure them with basic ISO commands. Familiar with cisco ISO commands are essential to pass the CCNA test, as described in exam blue print.

In the following three tutorials, we will learn the basic router configuration with a simple project setup.  This project include three 2621XM Routers, two of them (Router0 and Router1) are installed with WIC-2T Module. (If you are not sure how to install modules on a router, please review CCNA Lab Video Tutorial 2. ) Router0's interface serial0/0 are connected with Router1's interface serial0/0 via a serial DCE cabl. Router0's interface FastEthernet0/0 are connected with Router2's FastEthernet0/0 via a Copper Cross-over cable.



Video 1 :Configure Router's FastEthernet Interface.

Video 2:Configure Router's Serial Interface.

Video 3:Configure Routing Protocal.

CCNA Lab Video Tutorial

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